Croatoan is a demon virus with Lucifer(Sammy) leading an armada of demons while Dean Winchester meets Dean Winchester and have heart filled convos with him.

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  • Me:

    Jared, does Osric have to sleep with one eye open now? Are you planning your retribution?

  • Jensen:

    He already does. He's a ninja!

  • Jared:

    He actually sleeps with both eyes open.

  • Jared:

    Standing up.

  • Jensen:

    Like this *puts up fighter stance*

  • Jared:

    It is said if you can see Osric, he can see you. If you CANNOT see Osric, you may be seconds away from death.

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  • Jensen:

    Quick sidebar, I want to tell you a story that just happened. When Jared and I just got here, I ran to the bathroom so I wasn't in the greenroom so when Thomas came in and saw it was just Jared he immediate broke down and started crying saying "Where's uncle Jensen?!"

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  • Misha Collins:

    When I was nine, I learned a joke. And told it to my grandmother. It's a bit if pantomime.

  • *motions to "come here" with finger; fan walks up*

  • Misha Collins:

    I bet I can make you come with one finger.

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  • luke:

    always being given the mic first bc lead singer but turns to look at his band mates

  • ashton:

    takes over answering and tells 10-minute band story

  • michael:

    interrupts with a food joke or comments about the mic

  • calum:

    laughs and nods in agreement

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White people crying after Mitt Romney lost the election

Ah my favorite post on this site makes rounds once again

hahahah i never saw this.
bless whoever brought it back.

Why are girls crying over this? He disrespected women on LIVE TV and had to apologize, also on live TV. They should be happy Obama’s still in office.